Hotel Management
Complete and professional management
Your truth and our professionalism will be the assets of your success.

We take care of the operational management of your establishment while allowing you to preside over its destiny.

By entrusting us with the management of your hotel, we will take charge of all the operational management of your operation. We will assume the general direction with care and commitment. We will offer you annual budgets, a marketing plan and a reinvestment plan that only you will be able to accept or refuse. You will also receive a detailed report on the operation of your establishment according to a fixed schedule. As well as anticipation, you will receive each month an accounting report, as well as an event report informing you about the life of your establishment.

Project Development
The realization of your project in the field
So that your clientele perceives the excellence of the services of your establishment.

When your activities address the pre-opening of your business, we provide you with the necessary technical support.

A few months from the opening of your hotel, we will endeavor to provide you with the necessary technical support and support in accordance with international hotel standards. We will control, thanks to the plans provided by your architect, all the elements that will make your company a high place of hotel for your greater success with your customers. From the design of public spaces to the layout of rooms on the floors, to name just two aspects, we will make a point of scrupulously analyzing all the details related to the smooth operation and logistics of your company . And there are many details!

Our analysis as a common thread
We will also gladly contact you with professional and competent partners to establish a technical and legal analysis of your operation.

For existing hotel establishments, our relevant analysis of the operational area can correct and improve your investment.

If you already have a hotel, but want to optimize its operational aspect as well as your investment, our analysis will be of great use to you. Through an audit, we will look at all the sectors that will enable you to add value to your business. Our careful reading of your accounts will enable you to significantly improve your commitment.

Feasibility studies
Let's be concrete and let's talk about numbers!
We will also establish a projection taking into account all the specificities of the hotel domain. So that there, too, the good surprises are at the rendez vous.

To validate your project, we control its funding to make it compliant and enable you to achieve your objectives.

Our goal here is to validate your project and to control its financing. For this, we will carry out a very rigorous feasibility study allowing us to answer very concretely, among other questions, two questions: what can you obtain financially from your project? What will be the financial capacity of your project?

Our advice for good decisions
Our know-how and experience will guarantee your success. You can count on us.

We put at your disposal our experience to enable you to make the right decisions at the right time and reach your goals. This first step will determine the future of your project. We will advise you as to the location of your hotel business, we will recommend an architect, hotel specialist, who will know how to qualify the site chosen by you. We will also make it our duty to point out to you what is reasonable to undertake, so that you have only good surprises. We will also offer you commercial strategies, in perfect accordance with your investment policy.

Operating support

Sophos Hotels SA conducts the feasibility and the viability of your hotel projects through the detailed analysis of the market and the financial situation at the property. With the viability we help you to set up your project properly offering the development strategy and the preparation of a Business Plan. In fact, we develop the legal, fiscal, administrative and accounting structures, as well as the monitoring instruments and the management system. We also take care of account balance and human resources management. We organise mystery visits to evaluate the service quality of the hotel.


In order to improve employee skills, to develop corporate culture, to motivate the staff and to improve working environment we offer various training sessions. You will find specific trainings adapted to your property needs for different departments and hierarchic levels (customer services, sale, complain management, telephone etiquette and many others).

Financial control

After the project evaluation we can take care of the budgets implementation, determination of the financial provision, as well as of the investment planning and founds research.

Sales and Marketing

Sophos Hotels will create your property’s marketing plan. This plan will allow you to understand better market opportunities, to set your annual objectives and to find the means to achieve them. The market and the competitors’ evaluation defines strategies and specific sales tactics as optimisation means. Sophos Hotels will also introduce you to the purchasing centrals, online travel agencies, channels managers and booking engines.

Interior design
A customized design adapted to your needs
We will also establish a projection, taking into consideration all the specific details of the hotel industry. For that, good surprises will be there.

Sophos Hotels SA offers a service of interior decoration in order to highlight the aesthetics of your establishment and to create a design that corresponds to him. Our interior architect Kim Verbist with a Masters in Interior Architecture in La Cambre (Brussels) is at your service to meet your needs. Kim traveled the world for several years for the Wyndham and Marriott groups for which she was responsible for design and architecture in the development of new projects as well as the conversion of existing hotels.

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