A great story from Podgorica

A great story from Podgorica


Dusan Perovic was born back in 1965 in Peci – Kosovo and Metohija. He graduated from the Hospitality school in Pec and went after to the Montenegrin coast, to Sveti Stefan island, for an internship. That was his first experience in hospitality.

With nostalgia remembers he the first working years as a waiter. Dusan miss this good old time, he says, when in the restaurant you could always hear the sounds of the piano located in the corner and feel the real hospitality. He remembers the times when guests called him „the young handsome gentelman“ and not „hey you“ as it happens today.

Dusan considers kindness and patience to be the most essential characteristic of people, who are engaged in hospitality job. The right attitude towards guests and the commitment to each and every guest are very important. The man is sure that each guest be treated as „your own guest in your house“; everything has to be clean and tidy as if no one had ever before visited that place.

Dusan cant remember having any bad experience with patrons; it may come to some small misunderstanding that are quickly resolved with a smile. „You have to keep quiet“ says Dusan, „because the guest is always right“. 

Dusan points out that the rules of the job of a waiter is to be accurate, neat, patient, responsible and to know perfectly the menu. He personally finds himself very committed to work (sometimes even placing it in front of family). 

Because the smiles and thank you words he receives make Dusan happy - it highlights that he contributed to the satisfaction and happiness of the guests.

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