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Efficiency, commitment and quality – these are the watchwords of SOPHOS HOTELS SA, which is specialised in hotel expertise at an international level.

SOPHOS HOTELS SA is a Swiss company which is active in hotel expertise and management, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe. It is independent and private, and is mandated to work for private and institutional investors. SOPHOS HOTELS SA enjoys an excellent reputation, with the benefit of a label of proven Swiss quality. Its efficiency and commitment are its trademark, as well as its price-quality ratio, which is made possible by its light, pro-active structure.

Below the key people of SOPHOS HOTELS SA:


President & CEO
Vice President Operations
Vice President Finance
Vice-President of business development support
Director of Operations
Business Development Director
Anissa Djeddou,  Analyst & Auditor
Analyst & Auditor
Kim Verbist, Architecture & Technical Support
Architecture & Technical Support