We place our experience at your disposal in order to allow you to make appropriate decisions at the right time and to attain your objectives. This first step will be decisive for the future of your project. We will provide you with consultation on the location of your hotel. We will recommend an architect, a specialist in hotels, who will be able to evaluate the terrain which you have chosen. We will also indicate to you what undertakings are reasonable, so that you only have good surprises. We will propose commercial strategies to you which are entirely in line with your investment policy.

Our know-how and experience will be the guarantee of your success. You can count on us.

We will provide you with support in the following areas:



Operational support

We will support you with all of the procedures which you need to go through in order to make your hotel project concrete, right up to the operation of your company.


  • Feasibility and viability study
  • Planning of the development of the company
  • Elaboration of the Business Plan
  • Assistance with design and layout
  • Operational management
  • Ensuring the observation of quality standards
  • Human resources development
  • Management of the hotel’s pre-opening period
  • Introduction of control instruments and management systems
  • Drawing up of contracts
  • Management of purchases and sales
  • Assistance and contracts for leases and management
  • Assistance with hotel IT
  • Development strategy
  • Any other activity related to the management of the establishment

Training programs

In order to always aim for excellence, we offer you solutions in terms of training programs and quality controls.

The planning of a training strategy will make it possible to put into practice the quality standards of your brand.



Training offers the opportunity to encounter and exchange ideas and points of view, and makes it possible to develop the competencies of employees and the company culture, promote the integration of a new employee, create a team dynamic and guarantee a good working atmosphere.


The training programs offered are the following:

  • paying attention to the customer
  • selling attitude
  • department heads
  • training for trainers/supervisors
  • managing complaints
  • telephone protocol
  • organisation of cross-training
  • other training programs available on demand


A mystery visit simulates a real customer’s stay, following one or several scenarios, in order to measure the quality of service. This makes it possible to make sales strategy clearer, make customers more faithful through quality service, test the training level of the employees and improve their performances, and orient the employees towards common quality objectives.


Sophos Hotels takes care of:

  • creating the visit scenarios
  • recruiting the mystery clients
  • carrying out the monitoring of the visit
  • providing you with a detailed report


Financial controlling

Rigorous financial monitoring makes it possible for you to attain your objectives.


Services offered by Sophos Hotels:

  • Evaluation and internal audit of the company
  • Determination of the financial budget
  • Establishment of administrative and accounting structures
  • Keeping of accounts on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual basis 
  • Writing regular financial reports
  • Putting a dashboard in place
  • Handling salaries
  • Consolidation/reporting
  • Putting budgets in place
  • Periodical report to the principal

Sales and marketing

A hotel needs to adapt its marketing styles and strategies in order to reflect the market and the current tendencies in the hospitality industry. Effective marketing is a key element for the success of a hotel.



The marketing plan is an annual document which makes it possible to identify market opportunities, to fix annual objectives, and to put in place strategies allowing them to be reached. This makes it possible in particular to increase sales by planning a strategy, to have an overall view of the competition, and to analyse the market at all times.


The elaboration of a marketing plan includes:

  • establishment of an assignment and analysis of the establishment
  • market study
  • segment identification and positioning
  • SWOT analysis
  • analysis of the competition
  • marketing and sales strategies
  • marketing mix
  • price policy
  • sales forecasts
  • budget marketing & sales
  • performance analysis
  • establishment of controls


Sophos Hotels SA offers a management solution for hotel distribution on the internet, connected with the hotel reservation portals of online travel agencies and retail websites (, Expedia, etc.). This program is a single point of access for the updating of prices, the diffusion of promotions and the management of the inventory of all the on-line portals. An exclusive partnership has been created with Travelclick. Sophos Hotels installs the program, helps you with its configuration, trains employees and assists you continuously.


The programme offers several tools:

  • channel manager: this makes it possible to update prices, promotions and availabilities, simultaneously, on all distribution sites
  • booking engine: allows you to manage and optimise reservations made directly on your website
  • competition analysis: makes it possible to have a detailed report on competitors and the market
  • price check: allows you to have an overall view of the prices of the hotel for each distribution channel, and to obtain a comparison of the prices with those of competitors.

Your benefits in using this system are:

  • numerous channels of online distribution, as well as access to global distribution systems
  • management of all of your online distribution with one single program – saving time
  • a simple, easy-to-use tool 
  • Sophos Hotels acts as a second control point
  • special prices